I'm a creative communications consultant. Don't know what that means?  I didn't either until I realized it's the only way to describe what I do. 

I started my career producing documentaries and business videos about social change. All kinds of social change - schools in Chicago to a love story between two men who met in the Peace Corp...in Iraq...in 1966. In 2013, arts organizations on Chicago's south side, I broaended my horizons and stepped into Chicago's tech startup world where I saw a lot of failures, did a ton of free video work all while writing about it for Built In Chicago. Come 2014 I was a in a better spot and began taking on larger projects; managing production for international documentaries coming to town, copy writing for web series. a visual brand refresh for a 110-year organization, wine, producing pilots and pitching them for grant money while getting a certified about something to do with Non Profits from the University of Chicago. 2015 has been an incredible year as I've transitioned into larger roles with clients. Currently I'm at capacity as the Director of PR & Communications at virtual reality startup and producer of a podcast for an agency based Stockholm, NYC and the cloud

Currently: I will be traveling through Europe from December 9th - 22nd. First heading to Oslo then Vienna, Budapest & Prague. The first two cities are for work/two life affirming events the second are for me - follow my journey on Instagram and the page so called "life" below.

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The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce


Built In Chicago


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Jail Educations Solutions 

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