I'm Maura a producer and content marketer with a wild work ethic and blood that pulses with creativity.

My experience has led me around the world. I've produced videos from Oslo, Norway to Phoenix, Arizona. I've written about ICT in Sub-Sahara Africa and artisan fabrics from South America. I once broadcast a live video tour of the Christkindl Market in Vienna, Austria to kids in a Chicago children's hospital for Christmas. One time I got the singer Psy to retweet a tweet for a non profit social campaign I worked on. That one was weird.

 I've worked with travel brands, garage bands, billionaires (yes, Richard Branson) and those living poverty deeper than the deep blue seas I've traveled across many times. My aim is to always to tell stories that matter and get results - be that a click or change of conscious. 

I live for building a great life and working boldly and intelligently in ways that interest me. And I'm doing it. One or five projects at a time. 

If you're interested in collaborating, shoot me an email: mauratgaughan@gmail.com