Impact Engine Coverage on Built In Chicago


Chicago's rising impact investment community and 7 new companies you need to know. 

The Impact Engine just wrapped it's third accelerator program and has now pumped out 23 impact-making, socially conscious enterprises. Of those 23 companies, 22 are still active and as of Q3 2014 the program's alumni have generated a combined revenue stream of $2.5 million and a total of $15.6 million in capital. -- CONTINUE READING HERE


It's clear I love businesses that hit that triple bottom line. For the past three years I've covered The Impact Engine and have even taken on quite a few of their portfolio companies as clients. The social impact community is rising in Chicago - both from a startup and investment standpoint. Keep your eyes out, this is how we change the world.

Speaking about Video Marketing trends for 2015


Last month I spoke on a panel about what the digital marketing world can expect to see in video for 2015. The event was hosted by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Lettuce Entertain You at Osteria in downtown Chicago.

In an effort to take the edge off the hyper, in-yo-face energy I get when speaking about the future of video, I saluted my Grandparents with a quick shot of Jameson and took the mic for Philo Street Media. Here are my top three trends for 2015:

1. Video is not the future, it's the here and now of marketing. If you're not utilizing video into your marketing strategy, you're late. 

2. Hitting "Upload" and "Share" is not enough. Did you know that video carries more weight on search engines than any other piece of content? Google and YouTube are tight - and by tight I mean Google owns YouTube. You must pay mind to Metadata, Keywords and Categories when setting your video up. Or just hire me to do it.

3. Facebook. Period. Up until now, Facebook has been a surprisingly horrible network to host video on. In a declared effort to take on YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world), Facebook is enhancing their video streaming capabilities. This is great news for marketers as Facebook has tons of "directable data" (I just made that up) and with good strategy, you can ensure your video is getting in front of the right eyes and fingertips.

Wine Channel TV: #NZSIPS Holiday Wines with Villa Maria Estates and SPY VALLEY Vineyards


Wine Channel TV Holiday Wines Special. We met Chef John Coletta, top Chef from an Italian cuisine staple in Chicago's food scene, Quartino. We paired the Pinot Noir with an amazing salumi (pronounced saloomi, I learned) selection and the Sauvingon Blac with some of the best Octopus on land.

Shot & Cut by Maura Gaughan | Production Assistant: Carrie Graham

An experience in leadership and pig skin, for real

maura gaughan_chicagoland chamber of commerce_video production-6.jpg

Spent the day in the largest pork rind manufacturer in the universe/North America - how's that for a Tuesday on the job? This was a project for the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce - along with Big Foot Media, I produced a docu-short on Alejandro Silva, the founder of Evan's Foods which happens to be the largest hispanic-owned business in Chicago AND largest pork rind manufacturer in the world. Mr. Silva was an incredible man who truly attests to Daniel Burnham's "Make No Little Plans" mantra. 

Produced of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce. Shot and Edited by Chris Zucker of Big Foot Media

Hudson Jeans featured me in their Fall '14 #hudsonTRUE Campaign! -- Chicago-based producer and writer Maura Gaughan (pronounced “gone”) considers herself more of a professional juggler than anything else. At any given time she can be leading a European film crew through the city, shooting a ballerina or hot dog, looking for a gun story on a dodgy West Side corner , or writing about Chicago's tech and startup culture. On a steady note, Maura is the Executive Producer of Wine Channel TV where she pursues her passions: shooting and drinking. Maura enjoys the project-based work style but really connects with the entrepreneurial-hustle required of her to lead it. Since moving to Chicago in 2011, Maura has done a lot of cause-related work on the city’s South Side. From high-brow arts organizations to teenage gang members, she works directly within the community to produce content that drives awareness to the varying realities that are Chicago.

Shot by the INCREDIBLE Jeremy Hayes.

Check it:

Add'l Photos! 

Gearing up for the U.S.A. v. New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Match, obviously with wine


Wine Channel TV hosted a pre-rugby match party at Reverie, where guests came and conquered a variety New Zealand wine and food from Reverie in downtown Chicago. Here are a couple of segments we did to feature the event.

Produced by Maura Gaughan | Shot & Edited by Indirap Productions

Profile of 3 apps that help you discover Chicago -- Built In Chicago


Chi-town is nothing but shy (sorry about that one) on activities for both locals and travelers to take advantage of. At any given time, there are a thousand things to do, hundreds of places to go and scores of free activities to take advantage of. However, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut — hitting the same neighborhood bar time after time and passing by a local mom & pop shop for that Subway sub just because it’s “easy and convenient”.

Understanding all that, we decided to put together a list of city guides that use technology and creativity to approach experiencing Chicago. To give some quick examples of what’s ahead, we’ll feature three apps that can help you: get the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s schedule, drink in a bar with a history richer than any VC you’re chasing, discover a place with an exclusive menu of Slim-Jims and chips, and much, much more.

Whether you want to get sauced, surprise your spouse or switch up the norm, these homegrown Chicago apps are a sure source for a good time.


#NZSips with Wine Channel TV featuring Nautilus Estate and Spy Valley Vineyard

Two videos I shot and cut for our "#SipNZ" New Zealand Wine campaign at Wine Channel TV. FYI -  New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are the best (and yes, I do get paid to say that - but it's actually also a fact.)

Shot and Cut by Maura Gaughan | Production Assistant: Carrie Graham