Speaking about Video Marketing trends for 2015


Last month I spoke on a panel about what the digital marketing world can expect to see in video for 2015. The event was hosted by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Lettuce Entertain You at Osteria in downtown Chicago.

In an effort to take the edge off the hyper, in-yo-face energy I get when speaking about the future of video, I saluted my Grandparents with a quick shot of Jameson and took the mic for Philo Street Media. Here are my top three trends for 2015:

1. Video is not the future, it's the here and now of marketing. If you're not utilizing video into your marketing strategy, you're late. 

2. Hitting "Upload" and "Share" is not enough. Did you know that video carries more weight on search engines than any other piece of content? Google and YouTube are tight - and by tight I mean Google owns YouTube. You must pay mind to Metadata, Keywords and Categories when setting your video up. Or just hire me to do it.

3. Facebook. Period. Up until now, Facebook has been a surprisingly horrible network to host video on. In a declared effort to take on YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world), Facebook is enhancing their video streaming capabilities. This is great news for marketers as Facebook has tons of "directable data" (I just made that up) and with good strategy, you can ensure your video is getting in front of the right eyes and fingertips.